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Welcome to the docs for Rhaptos2.repo.

These docs will need filling out - however a number of the modules are internally documented and are laid out below

Json Schema and examples


Here are misc notes that need to be better incorporated into the body of the docs.

  1. Concerns over use of <li> in storing data.

    We are using textual representations of HTML5 to store a module. This means we store the HTML5 of a module as part of a document that represents that doc and its associated metadata.

    THis seems to work well.

    We are also storing a collection using HTML5 in the body of the documnet - that is the tree structure of a collection is represented in one documnet as a seires of <li> nodes.

    Using <li> as nodes is of minor consequence, but there is consequence for storing the whole tree in one document. Let us take for example a collection of three levels deep - lets choose the article on penguins in the Encycloipaedia Britiannica. THe collection looks like:

      - P-O
       - Penguin
    Now if Britannica is a collection (of all the volumes), and stores the whole
    tree within itself, and the P-O is another collection and stores the whole
    tree, we have two trees pointing to Penguion - and they need to be kept in
    We basically cannot nest collections and store the whole tree within each

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